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After the first draw of 5 free syndicated lines, your subscription starts next day with 5 syndicated lines in each Wed & Sat Lotto & 5 lines in Fri or Tue EuroMillions + Results Alerts for £4.50/wk. Text STOP to 87770 to unsubscribe. Min. spend applies for entry into Lucky Draw. Tickets are purchased from Camelot Lotteries but we are not affiliated with them. 16+ only. Info: 0200 333 1002
About Us
Bitstacker Ltd is the owner and promoter of the service which operates a mobile text alert service for the provision of the National Lottery and EuroMillions results to both your mobile and/or email account.

Furthermore, the service promotes Txtlotto’s National Lottery and EuroMillions syndicate service that appoints syndicate managers on your behalf. Txtlotto Syndicate Managers purchase and assign National Lottery and EuroMillions tickets, as well as validating and making payment for any winnings claimed by the subscriber.

The service vision is to provide a fast, easy, reliable and effective way of receiving winning Numbers alerts and provide beneficial services to complement the alerts offering.

Bitstacker Ltd is an established UK company with significant experience in the gaming and mobile sectors.

The service launched in 2006 and the mobile lotto service has been growing at an exponential rate, establishing the service as the most innovative Mobile Lotto platform in the UK market.

How to Play
Please click the relevant link for a brief description. If you are still unclear after viewing this information then please use the contact us page to notify us of any further queries you have.

1 – How to register
Registering with the service could not be easier, all you need to do is: Put your mobile number in on the homepage Check your Lotto and EuroMillions numbers and update your details. Activate the service by texting YES to 85200. (After 1st draw of 5 Free Lines, you will receive 15 syndicated EuroMillions/Lottery lines for only £4.50 per week. To end subscription, text STOP to 87770.) 
2 – How to login
To login into the Members Area could not be easier, all you need to do is:
  • Click on the red Members Area button in the top right hand corner of this page
  • Enter the mobile number you have registered to the service with
  • Enter any one of the claim references we had sent you
  • Enter the security code
  • Click proceed and login to enjoy our members benefits
3 – How to claim
To make a claim please take the following simple steps:
  • Login to the members area and click "Make a Claim" link
  • Follow the simple instructions explained in the process
  • Sit back, relax, and wait for your winnings to be credited to you via your nominated payment method
1 – National Lottery syndicate share
Size of a syndicate is based on an Offer detailed in the Offer’s terms and conditions and as such the Member’s share is divided equally amongst the number of registered members within the syndicate. Txt Lotto Ltd the owner of the syndicate management service will disburse any valid claims.
2 – How Do I Pay?
If you have joined the service and elected to pay by text, you will be sent a mobile text message which automatically charges you based on the offer you have selected. Therefore, if you register to the Saturday and Wednesday National Lottery syndicated draws and results it will be £3.00 per week, and if you register to the Saturday and Wednesday AND Friday/Tuesday EuroMillions syndicated Draws  and results it will be £4.50 per week. This system is known as reverse SMS billing and is used successfully with other content providers.
3 – How Can I Make A Claim?
Simply go to the Members Area and enter your claim reference number. If the share of winnings is less than 60p, then the claimants will be offered five additional syndicated lines in the following Saturday draw at no charge. You will be able to make a claim at anytime for up to 30 days from date of draw. We offer members two options for claim disbursement. The first option is snail mail - this is the slowest way to get a payment made. Payments are made in the form of a cheque. This method will take 5-7 working days from your claim date to when you receive the cheque to your home address. The second option is Express payment; with this method we will text a unique code to the mobile number you have registered to the service. You can then take this code to any Post Office branch where upon presentation of the code you will be credited with cash for the value of the winnings. This is the fastest way of getting your winnings and should take 2-3 working days from your claim date until you receive your claim code to your mobile phone. Please note for any prizes greater than £1,000 you will need to contact the customer services centre on 0870 000 8697 who will take you through the claims process. Any low-value prizes may be credited with a bonus offer for the next National Lottery draw..
4 – What is the account balance??
Account balance is a new feature we have introduced. You can now add any winnings to your account balance. This account balance will be automatically paid out every 7 days when your default payment method is ‘Express Payment’ or every 14 days when your payment method is defaulted to ‘Snail Mail’. If you want those winnings sooner then so long as your account balance is £5 or greater then you can come back and claim whenever you want.

Please note that we no longer pay out balances which are less than £5 as these will be automatically paid out according to your payment preferences.
5 – What if I Change Numbers?
The service is only applicable to the registered mobile number, so you will need to stop your membership and restart with your new number.
6 – Do you randomly select numbers?
7 – Are Lottery Syndicates Legal?
Yes. In fact the National Lottery gives advice on setting up syndicates via its website. The service has in place syndicate agreements and has syndicate managers appointed and who are externally managed by Txt Lotto Ltd. Playing as part of a syndicate significantly increases your chance of winning.
8 – Who provides Alerts and Tickets?
To continue, you do not need to do anything more. After each result is drawn you will receive a text and/or email informing you of the National Lottery and/or Euromillions results and your ticket numbers together with Claim Reference number for the next draw. This means you will never miss a draw again.
9 – How Can I Stop the Service?
To stop an offer by text, simply send the word " STOP " to 85200. To terminate all services provided by Lotto by Text simply text the word " STOP ALL " to 85200.
10 – How Does It Work?
We have  partnered with Txt Lotto Ltd who appoint syndicate managers on your syndicates behalf to purchase and assign National Lottery and/or Euromillions tickets as well as validating and distributing any winnings.

Once registered, you will be informed of the weekly winning draws, straight to your mobile and/or email as they are announced so that you are kept fully informed of all winning numbers. In addition, any free draw promotion and any subsequent purchases will be sent to your mobile each week detailing your syndicate numbers and Claim Ref (Claim Reference code). Please keep this information, as you need your claim reference code to make a claim
11 – Where Can I View My Numbers?
Go to the Members Area and enter your member login details. Can I join more than 1 Lottery Syndicate? Yes, in addition to your weekly subscription you can elect to non subscription one - off purchases so that you can increase your chances.
12 – From Contract to Pre–Paid Mobile?
This will not affect the service as long as you have sufficient credit and retain the same number.
13 – What if I have insufficient mobile credit?
If you fail to have credit and are paying by prepay mobile you will not receive your mobile text alerts and will not be entered for the National Lottery and/or Euromillions draw. The service will resume as soon as you have credit. This will be confirmed when you receive a text message with your numbers for the coming draw.
14 – Why Choose Us?
The service is a text lottery alert club which notifies you of winning National Lottery and or Euromillions numbers straight to your mobile.

The service offers you the opportunity to play an online game, which increases your chances of winning the National Lottery and/or Euromillions by allowing you to play as part of a syndicate. 1 in 4 jackpot winnings have been won by Syndicates.

We are an established company with services provided on all mobile networks – Vodafone, Orange, o2, and T–mobile, Virgin and 3 Network.
15 – Who Is Eligible To Join?
To join the National Lottery syndicate with Lotto by Text you must be over 16 and be an owner of a mobile phone. You do not need to be a UK Citizen to be a member of Lotto by Text.


Members Area
Past Lottery Results
Date   Main Numbers Bonus Balls   Official
Wed 10/09/201413-16-18-24-31-432£8.1m
Wed 03/09/201412-22-23-27-34-3525£2.4m
Wed 27/08/201405-17-29-36-37-492£2.3m
Sat 13/09/201412-15-22-29-30-3544£10.8m
Sat 06/09/201411-29-32-37-40-4814£6.5m
Sat 30/08/201401-19-20-30-35-4640£6.4m
Tue 16/09/201404-29-30-35-502-4£59.5m
Tue 009/09/201408-15-19-24-358-10£44.2m
Tue 002/09/201405-25-31-39-451-8£30.0m
Fri 12/09/201409-13-26-31-337-11£52.8m
Fri 005/09/201401-18-23-46-503-9£37.8m
Fri 29/08/201402-09-26-32-383-6£24.5m

Bitstacker Ltd. Registered in England No.8517360. VAT Registration GB 163 6240 21.